What cables you will need

Each camera that you want to connect to your DVR will physically need to be connected using a Coaxial cable that has a BNC connection. BNC connections are similar to the connection that you might find on your DVD player to connect to your television set but are specific to the CCTV industry, so you may be unlikely to be familiar with them. The BNC connection provides a twist-lock feature where there is no chance of the cable being dislodged from either the DVR end or the Camera end.

As well as a cable for your video you will also need a cable for your power. The power cable is just like a extension lead that connects from your camera to the power outlet.

There is a specific cable that has been designed that has both a Coaxial cable and a power cable in one. Each end of the cable has connectors that make it easy to connect your camera to on end and your DVR and power supply to the other.