CCTV Video & Power Cable 40m

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Using premade CCTV cables will make the task of installing security cameras easier than ever.  There is no need for any tools or materials!  Simply run your premade CCTV cables and plug both ends to your security cameras, DVR, and power supply.  This premade all-in-one CCTV cable includes RG59 coaxial cable and power cable that are both pre-terminated with high quality connectors.  The BNC connector on this cable is a premium connector that is designed to give you a long lasting high quality connection.  The power connectors on this cable is designed to plug directly into the power connectors located on security cameras and the 4 Way Power Distribution cable or 12VDC power supply for a clean and professional installation.

All premade cables are 100% tested, guaranteed, and ready for installation!  So you can rest assure you are getting a quality premade CCTV cable that is built to last


  • Length: 40M
  • Fully shielded high quality Coax Cable
  • Low interference, low noise, low magnetic field
  • Specially designed for 12VDC powered cameras
  • Weatherproof design
  • 2 Year Replacement Warranty

NB: This cable should only be used for 12VDC powered cameras